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Check List for First-time Visitors:

1) Arrange to arrive at the theatre early during the summer season on Saturdays and during any special event-- we open at 6 PM during the summer and have been known to be sold out within 1 1/2 hours --- Plan to arrive early!

2) Bring lawn chairs, blankets, pillows, and if you desire additional sound-- a portable radio

3) One parking spot per vehicle--place chairs, blankets in front of the vehicle

4) Smoking is in designated areas only- NO SMOKING IN OUR PARKING LOT or ON THE PLAYGROUND

5) Our facility is 61 years old-- our restrooms and concessions are smaller than more modern facilities-- so we urge you to visit the restrooms and concession stand when you first arrive to avoid lines.

6) We are pet friendly-- and offer a nature trail to walk your dogs-- please keep them on a leash and please pick-up after them and dispose of their waste accordingly.

7) Being a drive-in theatre, we are subject to weather conditions-- so dress appropriately and know that we do run in rainy and cold weather.....

8) Attending a movie with us-- is more than just seeing a "movie"--- it is an experience that will last a lifetime-- plan to make good memories with your family and friends!







1) When do the movies begin and when do you open each night?
We show at "dusk". We open the theatre box office at: 6 PM (Friday, Saturday) Please note: on Friday and Saturday nights, we tend to get long lines of vehicles waiting to enter the theatre. If you want the best parking spots, we recommend that you come early. If you are coming from the south (Middletown, Strausburg, etc.) and coming directly up Rt. 11, please read the new line-up rules on our Driving Directions page.
2) What is your booking policy?
We exhibit G, PG, PG-13 and some mild R rated films geared towards family or young adult entertainment. We do not exhibit "hard core" R or NC-17 films which contain heavy language or graphic violent, sexual content.  After all-- we are as our name implies: "A Family Drive-In Theatre"
3) How often do you change your movies?
We change our films on Fridays. For box office hits, we will normally keep them as one of our double features for two,three, four or five weeks.
4) Do you show 3D movies?
No- 3D will not work properly in a drive-in theatre environment--light on the screen is reduced 50% for 3D films-which means a 3D film would be very dark on our screens--and would not make a good film presentation to our quests.
5) Why don't you charge by the "car load"?
The movie studios requires a per person admission charge for recent movie releases.
6) Can I switch screens to see different movies?
You can if you want to pay another movie admission for the other movie you want to see.  "Screen Switching" as it is called in the industry, is specifically prohibited in the movie contracts with multiple screen theatres; unless the patron pays for another movie admission to see the "other" movie.
7) Do you show movies in the rain?
We show movies in the rain. Shows will ONLY be cancelled if there is a power loss from weather-related circumstances.
8) How do you hear the movies?
We have the portable speakers on each pole that you can use. We also broadcast the movie sound via FM Stereo frequencies to your car radio. (94.9 FM- Screen 1); (92.9 FM- Screen 2)
9) Can I bring Lawn Chairs, blankets to the theatre?
Yes-- however, you must use lawn chairs in front of your car and can not put chairs or blankets in roadways in front of your car.  Blankets can not be used on the gravel but can be used on the grassy areas in front of the screens.
10) Can I back into the parking spot and open my tailgate? or use the bed of my pick-up truck to watch the movies?
Yes by all means--with tailgates we may ask you to lower it a bit or tie it off if it is blocking the view of movie guests behind you.
11) Do you charge extra for special events in the season?
No- for those planning on attending an event and staying for a movie-- but we do charge a small fee for folks that want to visit for an event, and not stay for the movies-- those charges are used to help 'offset' the cost of the event.

12) May I bring Alcoholic Beverages to the theatre?
Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited
13) May I Smoke in or near my car?
Smoking is in designated areas ONLY- designated areas are around the concession stand. 
14) May I bring my dog to the theatre?
We are a "pet friendly" theatre and welcome family pets, as long as you control them while at the theatre and "pick up" after them when necessary. 
15) Do you have a playground?
Yes- parents must supervise children at all times on the playground.  The playground is intended for use by our youngest patrons; therefore children over age 12 should not be allowed to use playground equipment. The playground closes at show time and all children must go back to their parents vehicle when movies begin.
16) How long is your operating season?
Typically Mid-March thru Mid-December (weather permitting). 
17) Can I bring in outside food?
You may bring in outside food-- but, there is a $5.00 Food Permit (per car) fee assessed at the box office-- please realize that outside food seriously hurts the chances of this theatre surviving for years to come.  Unfortunately, the movie studios take the majority of $$ paid for admission, leaving this theatre with having to survive on concessions--Your patronage of our concession stand will be greatly appreciated and will help us keep movies under the stars for years to come!!! 
18) Can organized groups attend a movie?
We would love to talk with groups that want to attend a movie "under the stars" with us-- if you have a group that would like to plan an outing-- please feel free to contact us via email: familydriveintheatre@yahoo.com or via phone: (540) 514-6145.
 19) What accessible services do you have for hearing impaired or physically handicapped individuals?
We offer "Open Captioning" of movies on Sunday nights for hearing impaired.  We also have several handicapped parking spots that you may use if you are severely handicapped (in a wheelchair, etc.) and need access to concessions or restrooms.  PLEASE CALL AHEAD FOR ASSISTANCE - (540) 514-6145 
The theatre offers special promotions through Groupon, Living Social and Certifikid during each season-- if you have purchased a voucher, we want you to remember these special requirements for use of the vouchers.
1) Vouchers are honored on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS- which means that during the summer months on Saturday nights and during our scheduled events-- if you wish to use a voucher --- you must arrive early to claim a parking spot--- parking is on a first-come-first served basis, arriving early means arriving at the time the theatre box office opens (usually 6 PM or earlier for events)..... we sell out very fast on Saturday nights during the summer and during events-- arriving 15 minutes or 30 minutes before a scheduled show time on a Saturday during the summer or during holiday weekends or special event weekends-- will almost guarantee that you will NOT get a parking spot---so we would hate to see you drive a distance just to arrive and find we are sold out!  If you adhere to any advice listed on this page-- this is probably the most important advice to remember!
2. Vouchers can not be used with any other discounts or promotions offered by the theatre.
3. Please attempt to print out your voucher--- we have very limited internet access at the current time at the theatre, so if you pull up and show us a phone image, we will have to copy the voucher number down--- sorry with limited internet access we have to rely on paper vouchers.....
4. The promotional part of your voucher expires at the end of our season (usually listed as November 30th)  should we go longer than that date-- we will honor vouchers as long as we are open.  We will not honor the promotional part of old vouchers (from previous offers in 2015 or 2016).
5. The value of the promotional part of your voucher (popcorn and drinks) can not be used towards food items.  However, you can upgrade your drinks and popcorn to larger sizes for a small fee. You may also purchase additional food items at our concession stand during your visit.
6. You can not use more than 1 voucher at a time during your visit--- you can purchase more than one voucher, but  can only use 1 voucher per visit!
7. IMPORTANT-- if you have purchased a voucher, you are expected to plan your trip ahead of time-- we expect patrons to know how far a distance (mileage wise) we are from their home location, how long of a drive it will take, what our general policies and rules are--- and what to expect when you arrive at are theatre r---we are 75 miles from downtown DC--plan accordingly! 
8. Refunds are not available from the theatre-- if you have an issue with the voucher and it has not been used-- you need to take it up with the seller (Groupon, Living Social or Certifikid)
9. Some promotional offers include admissions for children at a child's rate (ages 3-11).... the movie studios consider children 12 and above to be ADULTS-- so if we find that your children are above age 11-- we will charge you the difference ($4 each) to cover adult admission fees (instead of children admission costs).
10. We want you to have fun!  Contact us at: 540-514-6145 should you have a question not answered on this website