1. All movie tickets must be purchased online (no drive-up admissions) Purchase tickets here

2. Social Distancing of 6 ft between patrons at all times

3. Face Masks or coverings are highly recommended- to use the restrooms they are required! 

4. All concession foods are sold via the FAN FOOD app (download it from the Apple Store or Goggle Store). Place your order from your vehicle and we will notify you when it's ready for pick-up. 

5. If you prefer to bring your own food or drinks, you may do so with a $10 per vehicle FOOD PERMIT purchase. Food permits are available on our ticketing sites as you buy your movie tickets. By purchasing a food permit, it does not give your permission to bring in alcoholic beverages or to call out to food delivery vendors (Door Dash or Pizza shops, etc.) All deliveries to the theatre will be refused at your expense.

6. Parking is subject to accomodation of vehicles within the space between speaker poles.  Speaker poles are 22 ft apart- and with cars at 6 ft widths, we can park two vehicles together and still meet social (physical) distancing requirements- however, we are cautious and if patrons desire more space between cars we are allowing one car per spot- in which case you will need to park in the middle of the speaker poles. - please note as Virginia enters into other phases of recovery-parking criteria may change.

7. Current local Health Department regulations require that we limit restroom usage to 2 people at a time. We sanitize restrooms every 15 minutes. Please be patient with restroom lines- it is for your safety!  Porta-potties are not currently permitted to eliviate restroom lines.

8. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only- with social distancing requirements.

9. The theatre reserves the right to ask any patrons to leave the theatre should they violate these guidelines.